About me

Hi There! 

I'm Sanni, 29 years old Visual Artist from Helsinki, Finland. I'm currently studying Interior Architecture (Spatial- and Furniture design) at Aalto University, school of Arts, Design and Architecture. My point for this blog was to share interior design ideas & designs that gets me amazed. I photograph and collect all kinds of exciting designs, interiors and visually stimulating things, which I'm trying to share with you here in RAJU Design blog.

My style is basically about geometric structures, Scandinavian design, industrial feeling, high contrasts in colors & surfaces and raw nature elements. I fell for places that are easily changeable and multifunctional. I mix freely design pieces, DIYs, findings from flee markets and stores. I'm also very well organized person and I absolutely love organizing my pens and papers all over again. For me my home works as a comfy hiding place but also as a home office where I create some of my projects.

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